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What To Expect When We Install

Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Specialists!

We want to make the installation of your new equipment as easy and convenient for you as we can. We know it can be a hassle to have something like this happening in your home, so we’re going to take a series of steps to minimize any disruption to your everyday life you might be expecting to experience.

We’ll Pull The Permits For You

We’ll find out if you need any permits from the city. You don’t need to lift a finger.

There’s No Need to Cover Your Carpets or Clean Up  After Us

We’ll wear bootcovers when we enter your home, and make sure we cover any areas we’re going to be walking in. There might be a little dust around for the next few days, but that’s just residual from the installation – we’ll clean up as best we can!

We’ll Be as Quiet as Possible

If we need to use noisy power tools or hammers, we’ll let you know before we do so it’s not a nasty surprise, but we will always aim to minimize noise disruption in your house – we’ll only use these tools as much as we have to.

Your Home Will Remain As Comfortable As We Can Make It

We’ll obviously have to detach your old system to install the new one, but we will keep it on for as long as possible and work as quickly as we can, so you remain as comfortable as possible. On very rare occasions, it might be off overnight, but we’ll be back first thing in the morning to finish up the job.

We want your experience choosing us as your installer
to be a happy one!