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The Health Benefits of Pets

Welcoming a pet into your home benefits the animal who no longer must fend for itself in the wild. But the benefits go both ways, even  positively affecting your health and wellness. Reduced stress levels and less illness. Studies show that simply petting a dog or cat can reduce heart rates and slow breathing. It […]

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9 Tips For Maintaining Your Boiler

Keeping your boiler in optimum shape takes effort. Years of winter heating takes a toll on your boiler system as well as the piping and accessories. Here are some ways you can maximize your boiler’s performance and keep its efficiency up. Check for Leaks If you make this a regular part of your routine, you’ll […]

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Most of us welcome the promise of summer, but for people with allergies, rising outdoor temperatures mean stuffiness, headaches, watery eyes and all-over misery. You can’t change the weather or the outdoor allergens. Fortunately, you can minimize the effects of allergens inside your home with these tips. Clean your duct work A professional cleaning and […]

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